H Chandler Enterprises offers the products and services that small businesses need to make Information Technologies work for them. For many the promise of productivity gains through IT remains unfulfilled. If so that’s OK, H Chandler Enterprises is here to help with the skills and know-how to make IT work for you.

Please review the descriptions of these solutions to your IT needs:

Website Development

A well crafted website, combined with your other marketing and promotional tools, attracts customers to your business. It means you are always open for business and Website Development can quickly and effectively communicate with your customers. With the addition of E-Commerce to your site customers can submit orders and you can receive payments. H Chandler Enterprises has the graphic design, copy writing, database development, and programming skills to make the promise of a website a reality.

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There are several skill sets necessary for superior website development. These skill sets include:

  • HTML – Hypertext Markup Language is the code that tells your computer’s browser how to display the text and graphics of a webpage on the screen. There are several What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website development software packages, such as Adobe’s Dreamweaver, available. These are good programs, but I have found that it’s best to write html without the assistance of a WYSIWYG program. because Website Development 3 it makes clean uncluttered web pages and have those pages do things that are otherwise unavailable to a WYSIWYG tool, a developer needs a strong grasp of HTML. H Chandler Enterprises has that strong grasp of HTML.
  • Copy Writing – The written text of a website is incredibly important. The objective of a website after all is communication. To communicate with your customers via a web site the text must be well written. The site may be well designed with stunning graphics and state of the art coding but if the text is poorly written it is all for not. H Chandler Enterprises will tell your story with clear and concise language.  Website Development 2
  • Graphic Design – Equally important to written content are the graphics. Simply said, a quality website has to look good. The photos, drawings, colors, fonts, must be visually pleasing. If one picture is worth a thousand words then make your site say, "Look at me", while not being confusing or distracting while enhancing your written messages. H Chandler Enterprises graphic designs will make your site both visually appealing while telling your story.
  • Database Development – A database running in the background is the key to an interactive and dynamic website. H Chandler Enterprises will develop an MS Access, or MS SQL database to make your site truly dynamic.
  • Programming and Scripts – A database driven site needs a high degree of programming to work. How and when to display page elements, page security, database connections, and controlling a substantial number of ways a page is done using Visual Development programming and scripts. H Chandler Enterprises uses Microsoft’s ASP.Net and Visual Basic to control pages at the web server and Sun’s Javascript to control user interaction directly on the page and will use these technologies to make your site dynamic using these state of the art technologies.

Website design and development notes:

This page uses User Controls and an ASP Menu to make the page. A server side program makes the page display the User Control that is represented by the menu command.