H Chandler Enterprises offers the products and services that small businesses need to make Information Technologies work for them. For many the promise of productivity gains through IT remains unfulfilled. If so that’s OK, H Chandler Enterprises is here to help with the skills and know-how to make IT work for you.

Please review the descriptions of these solutions to your IT needs:

E-CommerceE Commerce

Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce is the buying and selling goods and services by electronic means. E-Commerce has, even after the .com crash, had explosive growth with many companies and people having achieved superior profits owning an E-Commerce website. You to can sell your goods and services online and achieve some of these profits, but be cautious and take the time to do it right because the Internet is littered with the carcasses of failed E-Commerce sites.

To make an E-Commerce succeed you will need to make all the same business decisions that traditional marketers make and the site itself must be attractive, well written, and user friendly. H Chandler will guide you through all the steps necessary to build a successful E-Commerce website.

An e-commerce solution from H Chandler Enterprises includes:

  • One year of website hosting on Windows ASP.Net servers – security and state of art technology
  • Domain name if needed – your own dot com name
  • 500 email accounts – with your own dot com name
  • Basic graphics; logo, buttons, photos, colors – visually attractive to visitors
  • Banner – appears on the top of your web pages to help "brand" site
  • Search engine friendly copy and navigation features – so that Internet customers can find your site
  • Shopping Cart Program – turn visitors into customers when the browse goods in your online store and buy what they want
  • Secure Socket Layer – protects user’s information from hackers
  • Check out options – a wide variety of payment gateways to suit your needs
  • Google Site Map – again, sell more by being seen
  • ASP.Net master page – common design features appear on all pages, rapid and efficient changes
  • Cascading Style Sheet – common design features, rapid and efficient changes
  • Optional Site Management and Maintenance * – keep visitors and customers coming back with fresh content and satisfaction
  • Attractive Terms Available * – start making money now without a large cash outlay

Website design and development notes:

This page uses User Controls and an ASP Menu to make the page. A server side program makes the page display the User Control that is represented by the menu command.