H Chandler Enterprises offers the products and services that small businesses need to make Information Technologies work for them. For many the promise of productivity gains through IT remains unfulfilled. If so that’s OK, H Chandler Enterprises is here to help with the skills and know-how to make IT work for you.

Please review the descriptions of these solutions to your IT needs:

Installations, Roll-Outs and Maintenance

H Chandler Enterprises takes pride in its installation, roll-outs, and maintenance of existing systems. Customers in retail, transportation, banking, and health care have benefited from H Chandler Enterprises on site care, professionalism, and problem solving skills.

Here are the success stories:

  • Pet Supermarket – Jacksonville & Daytona Beach, FL

    Pet Supermarket – Jacksonville & Daytona Beach, FL

    H Chandler Enterprises installs new Point of Sale computers at Pet Supermarkets in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach.

    Pet Supermarket - Employees with New POS

    Pet Supermarket - Employees with New POS

  • Wall Mart – St Cloud, FL

    Wal Mart Self Serve Kiosk

    H Chandler Enterprises Installs customer self-serve Point of Sale Kiosks for NCR at Wal Mart in St Cloud, FL.
  • Wall Mart – Viera, FL

    Wal Mart Customer Service Desk

    H Chandler Enterprises updated store voice and data infrastructure as a part of an overall remodeling project.

    patch panel termination

    Termination of new patch panels

    new training room

    Associate Training PCs

    new vision center

    New thin clients, POS registers, printers, IP and analog phones in vision center

    Relay Rack for Store Front

    New Relay Rack

    New Analog Phones New System New IP Phones

    New phones and phones sytems

    Wireless Access Points using POE

    Wireless access points utilizing Power Over Ethernet
  • Days Inn Florida Mall - Orlando, FL

    Days Inn Florida Mall

    H Chandler Installed a 16 Camera Surveillance in Days Inn Florida Mall, Orlando, FL

    Looking Out Outdoor IR Cam Outdoor IR Long Range IR Cam

    Medium and long range outdoor cameras with inferred

    Front Desk Cam Tight shot of front desk cam

    Interior cams

    Webview of cams

    Monitor cameras from any web connected computer.
  • Provident Funding – Maitland, FL

    Provident Funding, Maitland, FL

    H Chandler Enterprises, Inc. installed data cabling for eight new work cubes at Provident’s Maitland Office.

    Cube 1 & 8 with down tube showing

    Shown are two of the new eight work space cubes along with down tube.

    Cable Runs Patch Panel
    Termination at Cube Workstation up and running

    The cables are run above the drop ceiling and down tube then terminated at patch panel in communication room and biscuit jacks in cubes. When connected to the data switch workstations get full network connectivity.
  • McDonald's - Sebring, FL

    McDonald's US 27 South, Sebring, FL

    Troubleshoot, Repair, and Training of Fax - The fax machine stopped working so H Chandler Enterprises was dispatched to find out why, fix the problem, and train local management on the phone system layout and operation of the fax machine.

    Re done fax - voice line

    The problem was that the fax machine phone line was miss-plugged and the voice line wasn’t plugged into any phone fax or anything. A line splitter was installed and local management was shown the layout of the phone system so that the problem won’t reoccur.
  • Adecco - Melbourne, FL

    Adecco, Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL

    Network Upgrade – Router replacement and enabled fax line to share phone line with router dial in.

    New Fortinet Router with A - B Phone Switch

    New Fortinet Router and an A-B Phone is switch installed in rack.

    Biscuit jacks on telecom board 66 Block

    66 Block punched so that fax line goes to the A-B switch and the A connects to line going to the fax machine.
  • Check N Go - Melbourne, FL

    Check N Go

    Telephone and Data Installation Check N Go Melbourne, FL

    Check N Go Data Center

    This installation includes punch down of "66" phone block.
  • Synovus Bank - Tampa, FL

    Synovus Bank Boyscout Road, Tampa, FL Display PC (DCN) installed in branch rack

    Installation of digital display systems that shows branch advertising and customer information in bank lobbies.

    Customer display installed in branch loby

    Additional Synovus installations include locations in: Charleston, SC, Sarasota, FL, Albany, GA, Chattanooga, TN and Austin, TX.
  • Best Buy

    Hank in front of rack, Best Buy, Melbourne, FL Best Buy Rack, Melbourne, FL

    Maintenance at existing stores; H Chandler Enterprises has been dispatched to existing Best Buy locations to maintain their in-store networks. These included, but not limited to change out of faulty wireless access points and data switches.
  • Bob Evans Resturant - Vero Beach, FL

    Bob Evans Vero Beach, FL

    New router, data switch, six data drops, Sonic Wall (firewall), WAPs, and upgrade of training POS station were installed.

    New Telecom Board and Switch

  • Burger King Drive Thru POS Display - Palm Bay, FL

    Front of Burger King Palm Bay, FL Customer POS display at drive thru

    H Chandler Enterprises was dispatched to install the system that displays Point of Sale data to a customer display in the drive through.

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