H Chandler Enterprises offers the products and services that small businesses need to make Information Technologies work for them. For many the promise of productivity gains through IT remains unfulfilled. If so that’s OK, H Chandler Enterprises is here to help with the skills and know-how to make IT work for you.

Please review the descriptions of these solutions to your IT needs:

General Information Technology

The broad definition of Information Technology or IT is the development, installation, and implementation Network computer user of computer systems and applications. H Chandler Enterprises offers the services and products to make IT happen. From the design, installation, and maintenance of server-client networks to simple peer-to-peer home networks we get it done.

Over the years H Chandler Enterprises has made many IT related service calls to solve a wide variety of IT related problems. The most rewarding are the ones that no one else could solve or fixing the problems caused by other IT vendors. Of the server-client networks the ones that need the least maintenance are the ones that we designed and installed. Network server

All companies and computer users, regardless of size, face the following IT related issues:

  • Internet Connectivity – is an important productivity tool. Are you paying too much for your Internet connection? Is your band width too much or too little? We can answer that.
  • Email – Start using your own domain name mail. Maximize contact with your customers, vendors and employees. Spam filtering and security by managing your email systems.
  • Security – Includes not protection from hackers and malware but the validity and reliability of vital business data.
  • Hardware – computers, printers, routers, servers, cables, all need maintenance and more importantly, matched to meet the requirements of their intended use.
  • Software – is the largest investment made in IT. Choosing, installing, and utilizing the combination of software programs best meet your business and productivity objectives create the greatest return on this investment.
  • Training – Modern Personal Computers are simply amazing. Business and home users can realize tremendous productivity gains when fully utilized. Regrettably many home and business users’ computers remain underutilized for lack of knowledge. Computer training from H Chandler Enterprises will unlock that hidden potential in you and your computer.

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