H Chandler Enterprises offers the products and services that small businesses need to make Information Technologies work for them. For many the promise of productivity gains through IT remains unfulfilled. If so that’s OK, H Chandler Enterprises is here to help with the skills and know-how to make IT work for you.

Please review the descriptions of these solutions to your IT needs:

Database Development

Do you need to keep track of lots of critical data? If you are using paper filing system or entering it in a spreadsheet you are spending a lot of resources collecting the data only to spend even more resources getting limited information from that data. Then there is a database solution that will yield big productivity gains. That is, less time is spent collecting more accurate data then with a mouse click or two you get the critical information delivered to your printer or screen. Database Form

This is reason you bought computers in the first place.

Or maybe you bought some sort of a software package designed for your industry only to be disappointed because when there was a problem the help desk call was unresponsive and arrogant. Worse yet they were overseas and spoke broken English. Then to make it worse it was designed to work for your competition so it doesn’t match your business plan. After all the reason for your success is that you do thing different than your competition to make you better?

BarcodeIf these are true then a custom database solution is what you are looking for. You have seen that Access program that came with Microsoft Office yet remains unused because to make it work you need programming skills. H Chandler Enterprises has the experience and skills to make a custom database a reality.

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